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When you’re looking at Saskatoon homes for sale, you may well be concerned about the economic outlook in the area.  Besides the overall health of the Saskatoon economy, the city has one very significant element that continues to promote a vibrant economic outlook in Saskatoon.  

One facility is having the effect of combining academic and industrial research, and it’s having a significant impact on both areas.  The combination came about in 1999 when the University of Saskatchewan was given responsibility for creating a third generation synchrotron operation.  

The Saskatoon Synchrotron

The University created a non-profit corporation named Canadian Light Source Inc. (CLS) to lead the way in meeting that responsibility.  And, so, a marriage between education and research was established.

The synchrotron is a high-energy particle accelerator. CLS is firmly established as a world-class centre for promoting synchrotron science and a great boost to the Saskatoon economy.  The synchrotron is a tool that can be used in many different fields of research.  These are just a few:

  • Engineering Research – The synchrotron can be used in applications such as testing aircraft engines.  The synchrotron lets researchers look under the surface of material to see where metal stress could cause problems.
  • Environmental Research – The synchrotron can be used to analyze pollutants and find ways to reduce the impact pollutants have on the environment.
  • Live Sciences – The synchrotron can track viruses and bacteria, and help to find ways to eliminate the spread of disease.

ANNOUNCING!  The official opening of the International Vaccine Centre (Inter-Vac), Canada's largest single investment ($140 million) in vaccine research to date.

The facility will be operated by the U of S Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO), a world leader in research and development of vaccines for humans and animals.

All of these facilities are a force that attract many visitors to Saskatoon and some high-tech businesses will seriously consider basing their operations in Saskatoon to have easy access.

If a strong economy is important to you, you can rest easy as you consider Saskatoon real estate.  The outlook for the city is strong.  And, if you have questions about the economy or the real estate market in Saskatoon, please feel free to call me at 306-241-3131, or use the form below to send an email.  We’ll help you find the right property in our vibrant city!

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